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Western Mugwort

Beautiful broad-leaved foliage, cool accent for perennial, fragrance or herb gardens. Attractive with flowering plants in shades of blue, pink and red. Cut the aromatic leaves for fresh or dried arrangements or crafts. Thin plants in spring to control spread.

Companion Plants


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Plant Details

  • Common name

    Western Mugwort

  • Botanical name

    Artemisia ludoviciana

  • Variety

    Valerie Finnis

  • Zone

    USDA Zone 5 (-20°F) to USDA Zone 10 (30°F).

  • Light


  • Height

    18-24" (46-61 cm)

  • Habit


  • Feed

    Use all-purpose

  • Water

    Weekly during dry spells

  • Bloom Time


  • Maintenance

    Remove spent blooms

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  • Holden P.'s collection