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Dwarf Utah Agave

Beautiful rosettes of silver-blue foliage with leaf margins lined with contrasting black teeth. Plants are deer and rabbit resistant, and tolerant of drought and heat. Flowers are attractive to hummingbirds. Excellent container plant or in the garden, and can be grown as an easy-care houseplant in cold winter climates. Mature, established landscape plants will produce a spectacular column-like flower stalk up to 6' tall, covered with small yellow flowers. Needs dry outdoor conditions in winter.

Companion Plants

Golden Barrel Cactus



Plant Details

  • Common name

    Dwarf Utah Agave

  • Botanical name

    Agave utahensis

  • Variety


  • Zone

    USDA Zone 6 (-10°F) to USDA Zone 9 (20°F)

  • Light


  • Height

    6-18in (15-46 cm)

  • Habit


  • Feed

    Fertilize in the spring

  • Water

    Requires excellent drainage

  • Bloom Color


  • Bloom Time


  • Maintenance

    Keep weed-free

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