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An absolute classic! This stately evergreen foliage plant is a staple in the home or office. Lovely trailing from hanging baskets or planters, and can be easily trained to form topiaries. It is available in variegated or solid green leaf forms. Although Ivy is a very low maintenance plant, it will benefit from occasional misting during the winter months when air tends to be drier.

Companion Plants

Jade Plant

Kimberly Queen Fern

Wandering Jew

Plant Details

  • Common name


  • Botanical name

    Hedera helix

  • Variety


  • Zone

    Prefers moderate home temperatures of 60-70°F (16-21°C)

  • Light

    Medium light (indoors)

  • Height

    12-24" (30-61 cm)

  • Feed

    Monthly when actively growing.

  • Water

    Water thoroughly, dry out moderately between waterings.

  • Bloom Time

    Foliage plant.

  • Maintenance

    Avoid cold drafts.