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Golden Threadleaf False Cypress

Use this unusual conifer to add an exotic touch to the landscape. Wonderful, graceful form is carefree and rarely needs pruning. Contrasts well with red-leaved smokebush or Japanese maple.

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Plant Details

  • Common name

    False Cypress Golden Threadleaf

  • Botanical name

    Chamaecyparis pisifera

  • Variety

    Filifera Aurea

  • Zone

    USDA Zone 5 (-20°F) to USDA Zone 8 (10°F).

  • Light


  • Height

    9-10' (2.5-3 m)

  • Habit


  • Feed

    Use acidic

  • Water

    Every other day

  • Bloom Time

    No Bloom

  • Maintenance

    Protect from de-icing salts in winter

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