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Dusty Miller

Highly divided silvery gray foliage has an antlerlike or coral-like appearance. Dusty Miller provides an excellent foil to most annuals and is a great choice to add contrast to beds, containers or baskets.

Companion Plants

Blanket Flower



Plant Details

  • Common name

    Dusty Miller

  • Botanical name

    Senecio cineraria

  • Variety


  • Zone

    USDA Zone 8 (10°F) to USDA Zone 11 (40°F).

  • Light


  • Height

    8-10" (20-25 cm)

  • Habit


  • Feed

    Use all-purpose

  • Water

    Weekly during dry spells

  • Bloom Color


  • Bloom Time

    No Bloom

  • Maintenance

    Mulch to reduce weeds

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