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Garden Mum

Striking flowers attract butterflies to the garden. Wonderful for bouquets and lovely in gardens or mixed landscape plantings with ornamental grasses and asters. Pinch in early June to keep plants compact and delay flowering, if desired.

Companion Plants

Black-Eyed Susan

Blanket Flower

Fountain Grass

Plant Details

  • Common name

    Garden Mum

  • Botanical name

    Chrysanthemum morifolium

  • Variety

    Bold Gretchen Bronze

  • Zone

    USDA Zone 5 (-20°F) to USDA Zone 8 (10°F).

  • Light


  • Height

    18-24" (46-61 cm)

  • Habit


  • Feed


  • Water

    Weekly during dry spells

  • Bloom Color


  • Bloom Time


  • Maintenance

    Remove spent blooms